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It’s So Us: A Modern Variety Show

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

first – love the cinematography – and the music – it just sets the tone.. you know something special is ahead.
second – what a beautiful event – put on by you + me styling i love the color scheme – how all the furniture is is white – allowing all the beautiful food, drinks, art, and props shine. speaking of art – those water colors done by Erin Fagerland – so amazingly perfect – i don’t know if i would want my guests to take them home – i think i’d want to live happily ever after with them forever – but seriously, what a perfect gift. also – i love that another gift they gave their guests were black and white pencils – the perfect touch. Anyway
don’t take it from me – just see for yourself!!
via Madison Waters & Rue Magazine

It’s So Us: A Modern Variety Show from Madison Waters on Vimeo.

all photos via ruemagazine
the unwedding reception

lucite for lucite

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

ha! i was so excited to see this photo… not because the selby took it for harper’s bazaar it has anything to do with vanessa traina. nope, it’s because i have a lucite pendant similar to the one above her desk! so excited to see these making a comeback! i bought mine for a deal and a half at a thrift shop, and then just happened to see the same one in british interiors magazine, living etc. – my domino magazine replacement… although.. if we are going to go there.. nothing can replace domino magazine… nothing.. ok i’m begging now… please bring it back!! but also.. randomly.. here is a mini, unplanned shout out to the lovely people at rue magazine who are trying to fill the shoes of domino.. ok… that’s it.. no more ranting… how did that even happen… oh yes… lucite = domino magazine
vanessa traina office lucite pendant

mine is this one… basically exactly..

disco ball stairs.. uhhhh, yes please!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

i am the proud owner of a disco ball- or two.. but come on, this disco ball inspired staircase is absolutely beyond amazing. which leaves me wondering.. how could someone without stairs do something equally as chic and inspired? maybe the inside of a window sill, outdoor steps or garden pavers could be cool, or maybe just a little strip of wall.. like some random, meaningless architectural element that is subtle, but could really pop by adding disco ball mirrors?! wow.. just such a cool idea.

i think this is from rue magazine, or one of their contributors blogs’.