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wayne pate

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

i love this whimsical – yet simpleness of wayne pate’s screen prints. i am really loving the detail on the pants in contemplating hockney – how the outline of his legs are the same color as the background. i’ve been trying to incorporate more of this – uhh how do you describe this – in my graphic design – but i’m not good enough at all the tools for it to be easy – it seems like it should be – but alas – frustrated sally – i just need to keep practicing… i digress.
check out wayne pate’s work here. his screen prints are pretty large – and the prices are really great – perfect for a kids room – or to add a bit of playfulness to an ‘adult’ room.
two of my favorites

contemplating hockney

for the birds

oh so pretty

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

here’s a riccardo manzi illustration found in a calendar for Lanerossi Textiles. i love this because it is approachable, imperfect, and just draws you in with the shapes and colors. and those cute little noses too! found it on flickr while perusing sandi vincent’s stream