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prisim sculptures

Friday, July 15th, 2011

love! ahhh and i forgot where i bumped into these! please let me know if you know, you know?!
prisim shaped sculptures

lets live here.

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

i’m not sure if all these rooms belong in the same home – but it seems like if they don’t – they could. i really love all that natural light, how the plants make everything feel cozy, and how high, modern pieces are mixed perfectly with items that look like they could have come from a curb alert.
i love all the cool toys for the kids to play with – that little sheep – the teepee – - wouldn’t it be fun to grow up here?!

modern, effortless interior design

big little things

Friday, May 13th, 2011

so i’m very excited! remember i was telling you about that little thing i am working on called le registrie? well – tomorrow is a big day – i mean it’s not huge – but you’ve got to celebrate the small things….. i digressssssss.
anyway – tomorrow, john and i will be taking vignette/editorial photos of a bunch of cool little things – i’ll be styling – and it will be one of the first time i’ll be actually trying my hand at prop styling…. so excited!
we’re taking these photos – which will be front in center in the media kit we are sending boutiques – in hopes that they’ll be so excited to be founding partner shops in le registrie.

below you’ll find our inspiration! soo excited. stay tuned!

need this/make this

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

i love this fur ottoman sooooooo much. the color of that fur is uh-mazing. i’m debating whether it would be better if the legs were different – or if i like the simpleness of 4 straight legs… what do you think??
via ruemag

fur poof ottoman

michelle weinberg deux

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

so after i wrote that last post – i went back to michelle’s website and found so many more inspiring pieces that i can’t help but share. i also really wanted to post a shot of the flower rug in full. wow-isn’t it amazing!? i love seeing it close up (like in the other pictures i posted) – the details are something else – but then seeing how she infuses this 3D element she plays with – it just takes it to another level.
all images via







live here:

Monday, April 18th, 2011

soren rose studio
wow – everything in this home is a piece of art, carefully curated. don’t you just love the pendants, floor lamps, that credenza, seating, and that quilt! i love this idea of living with very little – but everything you own is exceptional.

soren rose studio - living room

soren rose studio - bar

soren rose studio - dining room

soren rose studio -

soren rose studio - bedroom

soren rose studio - bedroom

soren rose studio - guest room

don’t you just want to make a chandelier now?

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

don’t you just get the feeling like you want to make a chandelier when you look at this picture? like – wow – making a chandelier would be so simple. heh – yeah.

sketches of a chandelier

lets to go to here *

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Hotel Basico, Mexico

i love the simpleness of this. i love that getting simpleness just right is an art.
via emmasdesignblog


hotel-basico-mexico- hot tubs by the ocean

hotel-basico-mexico-fresh kitchen

hotel-basico-mexico- patio

hotel-basico-mexico- room

hotel-basico-mexico-room 2

new york, i miss you.

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

new york loft with white floors

this is love

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

k and i looked at this picture in awe yesterday – like literally 5 minutes of ahhhhh so good – and should we make curtains like that – and lets try to do that. those colors – so good – i am always inspired by the sophisticated yet super fun color palettes the duo imagines up. by the way – this is from confetti system – see the picture larger here (you have to scroll for like a second to get there) – you’ll be sooo glad you did.

confetti system wall project

i love..

Friday, February 25th, 2011

lace curtains, light wood floors, modern brown leather couches, line drawing, ethnic throw pillows, old vibrant rugs, paper lanterns, pinks as an accent color, herringbone pattered wood floors… pppplease

lace curtain on a door - modern rooms

modern room - ethnic modern vibe

modern room - ethnic throw pillows

herringbone floors in a modern home

airy interior photo - modern home - drawing of a girl

maybe the perfect gift for someone you know

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

on the hunt for the perfect wedding gift for a friend who recently got married – i ran into this amazing serving tray by michael angrove, a UK based artist and designer, at gretel. i love that for less than $50 you can give a beautiful, memorable gift that is also a functional statement piece. still unclear if this will be the gift for my friend – some people have a severe dislike for butterflies as decoration ( i think the tramp stamp was probably the beginning of the decline for the butterfly ) and i don’t know if she is one of them – but a great gift for someone, nonetheless.

michael angrove jade clematis tray - full size

michael angrove jade clematis tray closeup

love these rooms

Friday, February 11th, 2011

and here’s why..

wow – those mirrors (or are they windows) make the room look so industrial modern yet – very approachable, airy, and chic -

Paris Bedroom - Sarah Lavoine

mixing textures and styles with those rugs -

Mixing Textures in Rugs

love the mixture of warm tones and soft peach walls – did you notice the floors – concrete with a tile accent around the edges – i would have never thought of that -

Chic modern kitchen

all from remodelista

purple / light

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

i am so inspired by this room in the March 2011 Issue of Living Ect. it is light, and feminine, but not too frilly. i also love that the drapes look like they have some weight to them, but let so much light through. i love that the simplest things – like drapes – can totally alter the mood of a room
living etc

Purple Room in Living Etc March 2011

Modern Wallpaper and Textiles from Schumacher

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

I’m always inspired by wallpaper and fabric… the silhouettes – colors – patterns – and textures- they can transform a room in an instant!! So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Schumacher. Most of what I have featured below are available both textiles and wallpapers – isn’t that genius?! Schumacher has also collaborated with the likes of noteworthy designers Kelly Wearstler, M.P Smyth, and Trina Turk to create their own collections of interior goodness! Below are my favorites!

Schumacher Leaves Wallpaper in Chartreuse

Schumacher Mosaic Wallpaper in Bone

Schumacher Mosaic Wallpaper in Silver

Schumacher Shadow Vine Wallpaper in Chartreuse

Schumacher Shadow Vine Wallpaper in Charcoal

Schumacher Shantung Silhouette Print Wallpaper in Wisteria

Schumacher Fern Tree Wallpaper in Noir

Schumacher Manor Gatet Wallpaper in Charcoal

Schumacher Aviary Wallpaper in Multi on White

Kelly Wearstler for Schumacher Seychelle Tortoise Wallpaper in Chinese Red

Kelly Wearstler for Schumacher Seychelle Tortoise Wallpaper in Brushed Gold

Schumacher Birch Wallpaper in Silver

Kelly Wearstler for Schumacher Gordian Weave Textile

Schumacher Scallop Embroidery Textile in Platinum

Schumacher Ripple Effect Textile in Chartreuse

MPSmyth for Schumacher Durance Embroidery Textile

David Kaiser Apartment featured in NY Magazine

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

A peek inside the home of Art Curator, David Kaiser. No fear of color here!

David Kaiser Apartment in New York Magazine - Yellow Door - Bright Colors

David Kaiser Apartment in New York Magazine - Blue Drawers

David Kaiser Apartment in New York Magazine - Living Room

David Kaiser Apartment in New York Magazine - Art Deco Cube Floors

David Kaiser Apartment in New York Magazine - Dining Room - Chairs

Find the whole article here at NY Magazine
Photos by Thomas Loof

lucite for lucite

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

ha! i was so excited to see this photo… not because the selby took it for harper’s bazaar it has anything to do with vanessa traina. nope, it’s because i have a lucite pendant similar to the one above her desk! so excited to see these making a comeback! i bought mine for a deal and a half at a thrift shop, and then just happened to see the same one in british interiors magazine, living etc. – my domino magazine replacement… although.. if we are going to go there.. nothing can replace domino magazine… nothing.. ok i’m begging now… please bring it back!! but also.. randomly.. here is a mini, unplanned shout out to the lovely people at rue magazine who are trying to fill the shoes of domino.. ok… that’s it.. no more ranting… how did that even happen… oh yes… lucite = domino magazine
vanessa traina office lucite pendant

mine is this one… basically exactly..

uhzzz : love emily henderson

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

so.. i’m obsessed with the new design star winner, emily henderson. she literally is the sole reason why i started watching hgtv again. anyway… i found out she has a blog, and of course- it doesn’t disappoint. not only does she chat about her life and new show, secrets of a stylist, but she shares photos of her flea market finds, design tips and tricks, room inspirations, professional profiles, and tons of other things i’m forgetting that are equally amazing. anyway. i saved a few of her room inspirations..
i love the black cabinets and white walls… mixed with earthy furniture and that amazing rug.. oh and that light bulb pendant light (can you even call it that) in the middle of the room… beautifully ‘un-styled’
Frederik Vercruysse -  Secrets of a Stylist Room inspiration
anyway.. check out emilys post… (and the rest of her blog) it has lots of pretty room inspirations. style by emily henderson
oh and Frederik Vercruysse took this photo

disco ball stairs.. uhhhh, yes please!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

i am the proud owner of a disco ball- or two.. but come on, this disco ball inspired staircase is absolutely beyond amazing. which leaves me wondering.. how could someone without stairs do something equally as chic and inspired? maybe the inside of a window sill, outdoor steps or garden pavers could be cool, or maybe just a little strip of wall.. like some random, meaningless architectural element that is subtle, but could really pop by adding disco ball mirrors?! wow.. just such a cool idea.

i think this is from rue magazine, or one of their contributors blogs’.

kate spade does apartments

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

what a great little pop up shop! what amazes me is the attention to detail that was put into the shop, even though it is only temporary. like.. i love the wall papered closet in the third photo, the patch of yellow that spans two walls and the palest pink sheer curtain that casts such beautiful light in the second.. and the mirrors, books, and faux rug in the first… so many great ideas.
thanks fashionista!!
Kate Spade London Pop Up Shop

Kate Spade London Pop Up Shop

Kate Spade London Pop Up Shop

Kate Spade London Pop Up Shop