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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

so i wanted to get a bit more personal on this blog – not anything too crazy but – you know. so we’ll start with this – one of the major projects i’ve been working on is a website called le registrie. it’s an idea i’ve had for a few years now – but last july i started to get a bit more serious about it. (le registrie is a gift registry site that connects brides with amazing e-boutiques, designers, and heritage brands) so i’ve had my eye on this one boutique gretel for a while now. i love what they sell – and i love how their website so beautifully compliments their products. anywayz recently they’ve gotten alot more into taking these super pretty, editorial-esq vignettes of their wares – and i noticed this amazing rug they were using as a backdrop (you’ll see it below). we turns out – the rug is designed by michelle weinberg – a miami based artist. so of course, i dug around abit on the net and found all these other amazing pieces she has done. painting, textiles, public art – all so good! i love how she combines color – how she uses pattern, and the 3-d like quality many of her painting have. i’ve posted a few of my favorite things below – but make sure to check out her work – it is sure to leave you inspired.
photos from collective inventory, gretel, and michelle’s site

michelle weinberg verygood




michelle weinberg-studio





color inspiration

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

feeling very inspired today – not only is today a beautiful day in the desert, but i also discovered design firm Ro and Co. i’m sure i’ll be posting more of their work here in the future. if you’re listening ro and co – love you, love your work, keep being amazing!!

color scheme using ro and co inspiration
images by roandco (circles by me — duuhhh my inspiration – duuhhhh)

geoff mcfetridge

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

i discovered this great print by Geoff McFetridge on the Partners & Spade blog. i love how even though he only uses 4 colors, you can still get so much from it. interesting, bold, humorous, iconic all come to mind.
Geoff McFetridge
Loving this first image, I wanted to know more about the artist so i made a few clicks and found myself on his professional site Champion Studio and found this amazing poster for one of my favorite bands: phoenix. again… limited color palette, but really catches your attention and lets your mind play for a second of two.. imagining the notes from a piano fill the air..
Geoff McFetridge
He is also the one behind the where the wild things are graphics. i will admit to not seeing the movie yet ( i know, i should watch this.. but i’m afraid i’ll start sobbing all of the place.. i know i will ) i loved the graphics. I think they are genius.. playful and full of whimsy and help define the mood of the film. do i have to point out, again, the limited color palette and how talented he is at creating emotion… i think you get the point : )
Geoff McFetridge Where the Wild Things are
Geoff McFetridge Where the Wild Things are
Geoff McFetridge Where the Wild Things are
Geoff McFetridge Where the Wild Things are
Geoff McFetridge Where the Wild Things are

our labor of love

Monday, August 30th, 2010

this image has been living patiently on my desktop -highlighted in blue, the color i use when i want to feature it on the blog- for a while now. it reminds me of the hill-side scene in the sound of music.. soooo good. anyway.. the photo is from wedding photography team Our Labor of Love. they are doing amazing things.. turning traditional wedding photography on it’s dull old head.. it’s easy to get caught up browsing through their portfolio.. you just keep clicking and clicking and..

spotted first here at once wed

confetti me with this – Jim Hodge

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Gee! Wouldn’t it just be amazing to be confetti-ed with a bunch of these silk flowers. They would look so beautiful laying randomly on the ground once the fun was over! I don’t think i would pick them up for days. These flowers are from the hands of Jim Hodge. He creates these beautiful pieces of art from ordinary, often over looked objects. His work inspires me to open my eyes and look for beauty beyond the obvious. Jim Hodge’s work is on exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre in London. via another mag

and then… i just couldn’t resist this. stella resort 2011 inspired by the flowers of painter/botanist Pierre Joseph Redouté

Krazy for Munsell

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Albert Henry Munsell is basically the founder of modern color theory… yep, photoshop color selector uses his theory.. it’s fascinating and geeky inspiring how he organizes colors.